When the area around your home could use a fresh new look, your landscape is generally what you transform. Flower beds, shrubs, trees, and even a small concrete pond can really transform the look and feel of your home. You may have heard the terms soft and hardscapes but you don’t exactly know how to incorporate hardscape design into your home.


Hardscape Design Examples

Simply put, a softscape is anything that is living, such as the green grass, shrubs, succulents, flowers, and more. A hardscape is anything that is nonliving, such as rocks, driveways, and fencing. Depending on the goal of your landscape project, you may want a little bit of both. There are many options for your hardscape home design, and you can get as creative and artistic as you’d like. Hard and softscape examples can be simply organized to complete your style while remaining functional to your home’s aesthetic. Let’s look at some examples of hardscapes that will fit your style and budget.

Patio When designing or maintaining your outdoor living space, your patio is a hardscape that should set a relaxing, comforting tone for you and your guests. You’re able to choose from brick or wood as the structure for your patio, and depending on your budget, you can mix it up to include both. Patios are easy to transform, even if you want something small and designated to entertain friends.

Firepits or Mantles More than just a place to keep warm and comfy or provide light for entertainment, firepits or outdoor mantels are a talking piece that adds value to your outdoor setting.

Retaining Walls – Retaining walls play a role in dividing the soil in your yard. You can create different levels of landscape by retaining soil to a slope. It’s a great way to divide two different levels of your yard, for example, at the bottom or top of a small hill.

Pathways – Pathways are a great hardscape that offer many ideas for decorating your outdoor space. Concrete or stone pathways are popular and can be an access point to your backyard, front entry way or even a pathway in and around your larger garden.

Gazebos – Gazebos aren’t just for big yards or community parks. This hardscape serves a functional purpose to your outdoor space. These freestanding structures provide ample shade and can be transformed into your own theme to fit with your yard.

Fountainsfountains provide the perfect aesthetic and add tranquil balance to your home. Plus, it also adds property value when it’s done correctly.


Pairing Softscape with Hardscape

From gazebos to patios and more, there’s no better way to dress up your hardscape than with a little soft touch. Living landscape designs can be added to the blends of greenery around your patio, the planters of floral designs in and around your gazebo, and even an ivy design lining your outdoor canopy. Fountains can have water and added water lilies. Moss is an inexpensive pop of green that can enhance the look of your fountain hardscape. No matter what you pair with your hardscape, your outdoor space can look lovely with a pop of a floral color and greenery when blended together.

Whether you’re putting in a hard or soft scape design to your outdoor space, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done. From functional outdoor lighting to beautiful stamped concrete, the hardscape design experts at Renovations Landscaping in Parker offer a variety of services that fit your needs. Call them today to get a free quote on your next hardscaping project!