Selecting and balancing the different types of plant material and their placement in a natural landscape design is an integral part of connecting with the theme or genre of the project. You must also take into consideration, color, texture, size and fragrance. The plantings in native landscaping evoke all our senses and the combinations of these living organisms are what bring your project to life. These plants also have a utilitarian use in the landscape by providing screens, shade and stabilization of soil to a sloped area. Renovations Landscaping views your landscaping project as an interior designer would, taking note of all aspects of your life, habits and preferences to ensure your project is a direct reflection of your personality. We have the ability to offer complex designs for large properties or simply renovating a small space for your enjoyment. Different natural and native landscaping themes for your home might include: Colorado native style, xeriscaping, contemporary design, English Garden, agriburbia, craftsman style, Japanese Garden, Mediterranean landscape style, country living design, and Southwest style, etc… View Trees, Shrubs & Color in our natural landscaping gallery!