Every home prides itself on having a well-manicured lawn. It’s the introduction to your home and should be a prized asset. Proper lawn maintenance is essential to keeping a healthy property and warding off unwanted visitors, and it’s just plain aesthetically pleasing. Plus, when it comes time for you to sell your home, your lawn is one of the first elements that gets recognized and is a determining factor for buyers. These helpful tips will encourage you to keep your lawn visibly appealing and overall healthy.

Location, Location, Location

Your geographical location determines which types of grass will work best. Cool and warm season grasses can differ from each other. If you’re replacing or filling, choose a grass that will adapt naturally to your climate and surroundings.

Look For Bare Spots

Almost every lawn can run into the issue of having bare spots throughout it. However, some of these spots are a result of a deeper issue and need your local lawn care landscaping services to address it. Heavy foot traffic, drought, insect infestation, or even chemical burns are just a few reasons that bare spots can erupt on your lawn. Instead of repairing the problem yourself, an expert should be called to get the job done correctly.


Despite what you may know about the usage of compost, the essential nutrients are highly beneficial to the growth and health of your lawn. You may already see the positive results of adding compost to your garden; adding it to your lawn will produce the same results. Just before winter, add a layer to your lawn so it can take time to break down into the soil. This will encourage a lush and healthy lawn to grow in the spring.

Mind the Weather

Pay close attention to the weather each week. If you know that rain is in the forecast, you don’t have to water your lawn. Being in tune with the forecast will help you to remain consistent with your lawn care schedule. You also want to pay attention to your mowing schedule, so you’re not mowing during a drought or if your grass is too wet. Watching the weather also keeps you connected to your lawn, its surroundings, and your geographical location. You’ll start to notice differences in your lawn’s appearance should it start to change. Fortunately, you have lawn care landscaping services that will help put a name to those differences.

Seed Timing

There’s a timing for everything, and this is especially true for the seeding of your lawn. Almost every lawn needs some reseeding, and should be carefully planned by season. Spring and fall are excellent times for seeding, but it depends on your region and variety.

Grub Check

If you haven’t already heard, grubs are a nuisance to your lawn. You’ll notice a few, and that’s ok for the most part. But if you’re starting to notice them frequently, an expert lawn care landscaping service will need to come rid them from your lawn. This is how infections occur and brown spots are formed.

‘Leaf’ Them

You may feel inclined to rake up those leaves, but the leaves are the very element that gives your grass its gorgeous glow. You don’t need a heavy layer of leaves; just a thin layer will act as mulch and provide the necessary nutrients that your lawn needs.

There’s no better time to start paying close attention to your lawn than right now. These careful steps will help you get the lawn landscape you’ve dreamed of, and it will help you keep it that way for years to come. Contact your local lawn care landscaping services at Renovations Landscaping to guide you to your beautiful lawn today!