Your Project, Our Focus!

Initial Contact

When you call Renovations Landscaping, Inc. we’ll not only have a conversation about the type of landscape project you’re interested in, but we’re also going to discuss your budget, the ideal timeframe for completion, what you’re looking for in a landscape contractor (we’re not all the same), which neighborhood your home is located in, where you lived previously and the type of landscape projects you’ve invested in while owning a home.

Our goal is to get to know you, the same as you should be trying to get to know us, but don’t worry too much about that, we’ll talk plenty about us! We want all of our clients to have a successful and enjoyable experience. If you decide to schedule a free consultation with us, we’ll explain the landscape planning process we follow for the consultation, design, estimate and constructing your project. We’ll need a copy of your plot plan which is usually found in your closing documents on a legal sized piece of paper and contains a scaled drawing of your home and property lines. We’ll use this for landscape design planning purposes and formulating an estimate. If you can’t locate this document, there’s a chance we can obtain it from the county records department.

The Free Consultation

Since we’re not charging for our time on this first visit, our consultations are typically done during normal business hours. Our landscaping contractors will meet with you at the site where the project will take place and this is where the landscape planning begins. We will really start to get a sense of your style, understand the scope of work, give you design ideas, rough sketches and for many basic projects we’ll be able to provide a preliminary estimate.
This estimate will not be the final cost proposal should you decide to contract our services, but will be an extremely close number so that you can weigh your financial situation or compare what we are proposing to another landscaping contractor’s bid. The preliminary estimate and sketches will be emailed to you after the consultation so that you may have them for your records. For clients looking to get their projects moving rapidly, those typically less than a $15,000 investment, it’s not uncommon for the contracts to be signed at this meeting in order to secure your place you on our production schedule.

If your project is of a larger scale and an estimate can’t be given on site, we will talk budget in terms of ballpark numbers. Ultimately, it’s the budget that will affect the amount of different elements a landscape design will contain. If we agree there may be a good fit between our abilities and the type of landscaping company you want to work with, we’ll outline a set of concepts to be developed into an initial rough design. Our designer will give an approximate date that this information will be ready for review.

Presentation Of Ideas & Sketches

Our next meeting typically is done in person, but on occasion can be conducted over phone and email. We’ll review the preliminary design concepts, show you examples of similar types of projects and break down the budget numbers a little tighter than in our first meeting.

There are four possibilities of where our relationship will head after this meeting.

  1. The preliminary design is exactly what you’ve envisioned and the budget numbers are in range. You’d like to move forward with a final design and cost proposal. Normally there isn’t, but there could be fees for the next phase based off the amount of time and resources needed to put the information together. You’ll be informed prior to any work being done of what the fees are, when they’re due, how you can pay and when the information will be available.
  2. You like the design, but feel a more developed plan would help you envision the project. If agreed upon, we’ll enter into a design phase with agreed upon fees and timetables for completion.
  3. Since the initial consultation you’ve had some second thoughts on a few areas and how you’d like to use them. You’d like to discuss different options and approaches to the project as a whole. At this time we’d go back to the preliminary design concept and budget number stage, OR
  4. At this point we will have a fair amount of time invested into ideas, concepts, sketches, and budgets for your project. We’ll have conducted two meetings together and you’ll have a good sense of who we are and what we can do for you. You, or us for that matter, might decide it’s time to stop. You need to hire the right landscaping contractor for your project to ensure its success and this might require contacting another company. Being well connected in our industry, we may even be able to refer you to another landscaping contractor. Unless you’ve paid for our sketches, concepts and budgets, we ask that you not use our ideas without permission.

The Cost Proposal

Once a final design has been approved by you, and you’re comfortable with the budget or estimate numbers we’ll formulate a Cost Proposal. If we have reached this point in our relationship we will have been informed by you that a contract for commitment is eminent or we are among the final two landscape contractors being considered.

We’ll meet in person to review these numbers. This proposal, unless informed otherwise in writing, is to the penny. We have many years of experience and we take our time to collect the data we need to formulate your proposal. On the Cost Proposal you’ll see the different phases of the project and the cost for each, it’s easy to see where your money goes. There’s more than one way to do every project and different quality levels. Unless decided upon earlier in the process, your proposal will meet our minimum level of quality that we’re comfortable placing our name on. We’re happy to educate you on upgrades for any phase of your project.

After the review of the Cost Proposal, if you’ve decided to work with Renovations Landscaping, Inc. on your project, a contract will be put in place and any revisions needed to the design and estimate will be conducted and the contract amended at that time.

The Construction Process

This is broken into 5 phases and once we’ve reached this point in our relationship you can liken it to getting engaged. Everyone is excited, big changes are going to happen, a little nervous because of the commitment level, but definitely ready to go!

Step 1: Scheduling

Once you’ve signed a contract your name will be placed on our schedule. Our Production Calendar is in constant flux because of bad weather, project extensions due to client changes and material delays. Overall, we do have a very good idea of when your project will begin, but it is a grey area. You’ll be given an approximate week that construction will start (never an exact day) and we’ll stay in touch as time draws near to let you know where we are.

Step 2: Utility Locates

When we’re within a week of starting construction, our office will schedule utility locates with UNCC. They will mark your property with flags and paint to show us where the phone, gas and electric services run. They may need access to where your dog roams, gates will need to be unlocked and your pet must not be present when this service is performed. They provide us with a 3 day window of when they will mark the utilities, during this time you need to make arrangements for your pet. We will notify you once we have placed the order for the service and you’ll notice by the flags on your property that it’s been completed. If you have a pet, this can be a hassle. We apologize, but it’s the beginning of the inconveniences you’re going to encounter along the way to get this project completed. We’ll do our best to keep them all to a minimum.

Step 3: Site Review

The designer and project manager will schedule a time with you to walk the property and review the vision, design and scope of work. We want everyone to be on the same page and encourage you to be there for this meeting. Many times for a smaller project it isn’t necessary for you to attend, but we want you to be comfortable so please use your best judgement.

Step 4: Construction Begins

Noisy, messy and difficult to handle at times. We’ll park a tool trailer in front of your house and it will be there for the entirety of the project. Your driveway might be used to store materials and sections of your fence possibly will be removed for access to the backyard. If we do this it will be temporarily hung at the end of each day and permanently reinstalled and repaired at the end of the project. Our skid steers and trailers will leave rubber tire marks on your drive and in the street, these marks aren’t permanent. We’ll clean up our mess at the end of every day, but your property will look worse before it starts to look better. Our project manager at times will need access to your basement to turn on the irrigation water supply and into your garage to program and wire the irrigation control clock or lighting transformer. You can make arrangements with him to be there or supply us with a garage code for access to the house. We can guarantee this, there will be a lot going on at your property and we will do our very best with scheduling of the different phases of the project to make sure once we start there are very few, if any, gaps in the process. You will be able to communicate with all of our landscaping contractors, there will be no language barrier. We have employees of all different skill levels and industry knowledge. If the person you’re speaking with can’t answer your question, they’re trained to find the right person for you.

The Construction Process can be broken down into the following 3 stages:

Site Prep/Removal and Disposal: If you have a renovation project, this step could include removal of the existing landscape. Cutting down trees, removing shrubs and lawn, maybe tearing out an existing deck and patio. If your project is a new home construction, this phase might include grading work to prepare for the hardscaping.

Hardscaping: This phase is where your outdoor living spaces will come to life. We’ll be installing decks, patios, paths, retaining walls, fire pits, pools or spas, garden boxes and fencing. All this work will be done according to local building codes. This is the bones of your project and everything flows from it. The majority of time will be spent on this phase. The most skilled workers will be used during this phase, craftsmen may come and go based off the specific task being done. We may use subcontractors for some of these crafts. We will still be your main point of contact, all information to them will flow through us and we’ll be constantly monitoring their quality of work to ensure your (and our) satisfaction. If there is to be a pause in construction, it will be between completion of the hardscaping and the next phase.

Softscaping: In this phase we will be tying it all together. We’ll work on grading, soil prep, irrigation, planting, lighting systems and ground cover. All these tasks will be done within the guidelines of any local building requirements, as well as utilizing our industry standard best management practices. The last step in this process is the sod, the best day of your project!

During the different stages, our project manager and onsite crew leader will be in daily contact with you to ensure the project is proceeding the way you envisioned it and to answer any questions. It’s during this time to bring up any changes you would like to make. Changes to the plan typically add more cost, but done at the right time can minimize the increase. Some changes don’t require the designer to be involved and estimates to be done, while others do. If this is the case, the designer will meet with you on site and prepare a new design and estimate as quickly as possible. There may be fees for this depending on the amount of time needed to formulate the design and estimate and the possible delays to the project needed while gathering the information and waiting on your decision. We ALWAYS make our best effort to eliminate any delays and minimize charges because of changes to the project. This is why we are in touch with you every step of the way. By conducting these daily assessments, we’re essentially eliminating the possibility of there being a punch list at the end of the project. The day our full crew leaves your site, there should be little to no details left to take care of. And of course, we’ll leave a clean site.

Step 5: Payment

We want you to be comfortable and trust in us that we’re going to do the work and at the quality level we both demand. It’s because of that we typically don’t require any down payment or progress payments on projects that are constructed 100% by in house craftsmen and take less than 3 weeks to construct. On larger jobs we may make arrangements for progress payments, but these are negotiated with you and set on terms you deem fair. Once your project has been completed, a final walk will be done between you and your designer/salesperson. You have the opportunity, as does the designer, to point out any items that need attention. But, as previously stated, rarely does this happen because of our daily assessments. It’s at this time you will be presented with your final invoice, warranty information and landscape care instructions. We don’t just give you the keys to the car, we’re going to teach you how to drive it. Your invoice total won’t be a surprise because you’ll have received updates along the way if you’ve made changes. If no changes were made the total will be the same as your contract amount. Full payment will be made at this time and any minor punch list items will be scheduled for completion.

Warranty: We happily warranty all of our work. In general, craftsmanship is warranted for 1 year, irrigation parts and labor for 2 years and plant material for 1 year. A detailed breakdown of our warranties is included on your contract for a more in depth explanation.

Insurance and licensing: For our protection, the safety and protection of our landscaping contractors and for the security of you and your home, we carry liability and workers compensation insurance. Certificates can be obtained upon request. Lien wavers are also available if needed.

“We’ve had several landscaping companies come by our home, some did work, some gave bids, but we ended up using Dan Farley and his company, Renovations Landscaping, for several summers. His work is always done as specified, his pricing is competitive, he warranties his work and he answers his phone! Our landscaping is pretty much complete, thanks largely in part to Dan and his crew and it turned out exceeding my wife’s expectations.”

– Dwayne K. Castle Rock, CO