Your lawn gives off the first impression of your home. It’s also a make-or-break selling point when it comes to time to sell your home. As long as you keep your lawn nice and healthy, you’ll avoid major lawn issues. But sometimes lawn problems happen when you least expect it. Just some of these problems are bare or bald spots, uneven growth, damage caused by pets or animals, patchy slopes, and more. All of these lawn issues will have you searching “Full service lawn maintenance near me” right away.

Types of Grass

Believe it or not, there are around 11,000 species of lawn grass! But the most common to your geographical area will most likely be one of the following: silvergrass, St. Augustine grass,finger grasses, buffalo grass or a mix of all of these. It’s important to identify the type of grass you have in order to address the bare spot once and for all. The kind of grass you have will determine the appropriate sunlight, water, and how to address a host of other issues.

What Causes Bare Spots In My Lawn?

You may have seen these bald or bear patchy spots before. Perhaps you didn’t really think anything of it. But these unsightly problems can be a sign of a bigger problem underneath the surface. Bare spots, when noticed immediately, must be repaired. It’s a simple job; however, it needs to be done correctly to prevent future balding. So what causes bare spots in your lawn? Well, soil compaction happens when there’s heavy foot traffic over a designated area. As a result of soil compaction, bare spots are born. Other common causes are chemical burn, insect or weed infestation, drought, or disease. Before you begin digging or patching over, you must assess the problem to prevent it from furthering..

Let’s discuss a little more about drought. It’s common for your lawn to become dry from lack of rainfall. However, keeping an eye on the weather conditions will help you remember to water your lawn in times of drought. If you’re not one for keeping track of these things, you may want to install some sort of irrigation system to effectively and evenly water your lawn when needed.

Addressing Bare Spots

Once the problem is assessed, you have a few options to rid them for good. Planting seed and fertilizer will help the bare sports regrow turf. However, covering the area lightly with straw will also keep it relatively moist, while hiding it from birds and prey. Another resourceful method is seed germination covers that are made of wood fiber. The wood is solid enough to cover and stabilize the area but light enough so as not to smother the regrowth. Sod is also a good and less-expensive option, too. Sod needs to be transplanted almost immediately because it’s alive and can dry out quickly. You could search “Full service lawn maintenance near me,” and find some helpful experts in your town who know the best options. Again, you may just need to bring more sunlight to the spots that are bare. If your yard tends to slope, your lawn may not be getting adequate water, thus causing the bare spots. When you decide on how you’d like to repair the bare spot, and you’ve determined your grass type, consider a stronger, thicker grass type that will stand up to shade.

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