McBride b4 1When it comes to landscape design, sometimes it is best to start over. That was the case with a project we just finished. Our clients had space, wanted to entertain, but just couldn’t make it fit. We started over with a blank canvas to transform it into a family friendly backyard that’s ready for many summer nights around the fire.

Circle the Fire20160510_143646

The highlight of this yard is a large gas fire pit perfect summer nights. This fire pit has a large area for seating as well as LED lighting in the patio.

Trees, Plants and New Sod for Character

We’ve added new sod and an MP Smart Rotator Irrigation system to help conserve water. We also included new natural trees and plants to help with character around the fence line. New LED lighting highlights the plants and shrubs.

Corner Planter Box20160510_143256

With limited space and the need for a planter box, the design called for a small corner plant box for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Concrete Path to Connect

To connect the front to the back, the design also called for a new concrete path for easy access.

It is always exciting to see a landscape design come together especially when we start over. This backyard went from a space that wasn’t conducive to this family’s life to one where they can have years of fun. If you’re looking for a new landscape design that’s cohesive for your life, give us a call for a Free Consultation.

McBride b4 2

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