Erickson - smallMulch is often used as part of a landscape design or garden. Mulch falls into two categories — organic and inorganic. Organic mulches are bark, pine straw, grass clippings among others. Inorganic mulches would be things like shredded rubber, plastic and rocks. The difference; organic mulches break down over time and inorganic mulches don’t. Regardless of the type of mulch you use, it can help the flow of your landscape. But did you know there’s more to mulch than good looks? Here are a few benefits to using mulch in your landscape.

  • Mulch keeps the necessary moisture in the ground for your plants.
  • If you’re adding an organic mulch to your soil such as bark, pine straw or grass clippings, they eventually break down and give valuable nutrients for the soil.
  • We all battle weeds, mulch will help keep your weeds at bay. By laying mulch, the weed seeds will be kept in the dark and crowded, making it tough for them to take over your landscape or garden.
  • Mulch will also help with erosion. It will keep your soil intact during heavy rain falls.

If you’re planning a new landscape, think about adding mulch. If you need help with your landscape design, give us a call, and we’ll set up a free consultation.

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