Landscape season is in full swing. If you have a large
landscape project or perhaps a complete yard makeover, you
might be considering hiring a professional. You have plenty of
options when it comes to landscaping companies; here are a
few questions to ask a landscape contractor before you sign on
the dotted line.

How Long Have They Been in Business?
This will tell you how much landscape knowledge they have
about the local area.landscape-certified

Are They Certified? Are their Employees Certified?

Certifications and professional affiliations give a company credibility. They’ve made the investment in time and money to stay on top of the industry.

Ask for References
What better way to get proof of good work than to ask former
customers? Ask for references from the last three clients the
contractor has worked with. They’ll give you the “dirt” on the
company and you’ll get a good idea of the state of the
company. Ask if they’d hire the company again.

If you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper for your next project,
use these tips to help ensure that you pick the right partner for
the job.

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