For most homeowners, your lawn is a sign of pride. We can all admit there’s an unspoken competition among neighbors about the looks of their grass. This competition begins to kick into high gear in April. It’s around this time of year where you’ll hear the engines of aerating machines and get the knocks from aeration and lawn care companies.

Aeration — What is it?  

aerationchartAeration is the process of removing plugs in your lawn to help relieve compaction in the soil that occurs with the grass and soil over the winter as well as in high traffic areas of your yard.  By removing plugs, your soil can breathe a little easier and grow a healthy root system.

Giving Your Grass an Edge

Aerating your yard also helps water and fertilizer get to the roots faster. For the best results and to get deeper plugs, try to water your yard (if you haven’t had any moisture) the night before you aerate.

What About the Plugs?

If you have kids, you’ve probably been asked about the plugs. They either throw them at each other or stomp on them. It’s really up to you about what you’d like to do with them. There are advantages to letting them decompose back into your lawn. You can also choose to rake them up or mow them up. However, mowing may dull your blade so be mindful of that.

Water and Fertilize

may-8After you aerate, you’ll want water and add some fertilizer to give it a boost into the growing season.

If you’re in the game of making your yard the talk of the neighborhood, aerating your yard will get you ahead of the competition.

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