Nelson - outdoor livingWe all take a lot of pride in our landscape; it comes with being a homeowner. However, if you are new to landscaping, it might be a little intimidating as you strive for the “perfect” yard. Don’t worry, here are a few tips to get you started when planning your first landscape.

What Do You Want?

Start by making a list of your wants and needs. Do you want an outdoor entertainment area for your kids? Do you want a garden? Do you want a hardscape design? You have many options, but the good thing is that it’s completely up to you — it’s your yard, think about how you’ll use it. Once you know what you want, draw a rough sketch of your idea so that you can picture it a little better.

Study Your Landscape

You may hang out in your backyard, but have you ever actually studied your backyard landscape? When planning a landscape design, it’s important to understand the various conditions of your yard. We live in Colorado, so you must account for the wind and the hot, dry summer. Where does your yard get the most sunshine? If you add a patio, will it be too hot or windy to enjoy? These details play a major role in your landscape design.

Do You Have a Focal Point?

Lamont - Play areaThink about a focal point of your yard. Is it a garden? A play area for your kids or perhaps a patio? Find your focal point and landscape around the highlight of your yard.

Be Open to Change

Landscaping is also about compromise. Many factors go into landscaping such as your budget, functionality, and your wants vs. needs. Sometimes if you’re a beginner, you have a grand big picture of what you want. Unfortunately, it may not be practical or be the right fit when you get down to executing your project. Be open to scaling your project and coming up with alternative ideas.

If it gets a little overwhelming, don’t worry, landscape design is our specialty. We can help you design and plan a landscape that fits your lifestyle. We’ll get to know you and watch how your landscape plays into your life, then we’ll come up with a design the fits everything you want and need. Have questions? Feel free to call us and we’ll give you a Free Consultation.

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