The official start of spring is just days away, and we all have the itch to get outside and start making our yards look their very best! Here are a few helpful tips you should do right now so that your yard looks its best this summer.

Water. Water. Water.water two
With an unusually dry February and early March, your grass, trees and shrubs need water. Hand watering
will help moisten the soil so that your plants and grass can build a strong, healthy root system to survive the hot, dry summer.

Give Your Perennials a Trim
Cutback all of the dead growth on your perennial plants and ornamental grasses. This will make your landscape look better and allow room for new growth later this spring.

cleanup edit picStart Raking
Now is also the time to get out your rake and start cleaning up any dead leaves and grass from your yard. This will allow room for new growth when your grass and flowers wake up for the season.

Prune Your Trees
If you have dead branches, prune them before new growth starts.

Cover Plants
If you see signs of spring growth among your flowers, make sure you have a bucket ready to cover them. Temperatures are still likely to dip below freezing on occasion, pay attention to the weather and be prepared to protect them from heavy snow and cold.

lawn-mower_17497_600x450Get Your Tools Ready
Tune up your equipment in March so that it’s ready to go this summer. Check your lawn mower for any problems, change oil and spark plugs, also sharpen your blade if it needs it.

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